7 Highly-Effective Ways to Maximize Your Online Brand Awareness

There is no secret that in this day and age, online marketing strategy = brand awareness. In fact, most marketing experts agree that how you present your brand online is the key of your first meeting with a customer.

Your online brand is what people think of your business when it’s not really available or even before the release. In fact, your online brand is as important as any of the traditional forms of branding and becoming more important in the modern day. Most customers today are technologically savvy and typically rely on a company’s online marketing development as a validity test of its credibility in the market.

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In the competitive-age we live in, in order for your brand to succeed online, it must be highly recognizable, relatable, and authentic; thereby setting itself apart from the competition. High visibility of your brand increases credibility and customers will be more willing to retain your product/services.

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Creating an online brand marketing strategy is about capturing the attention of the targeted audience.

1. Be Consistent With Branding. Ask yourself one question: “What is my business really about?” It is very important to display a consistent branding strategy across all online channels. This creates brand recognition and helps to reinforce the brand. It is common for a business to use several channels to reach out to customers. For example, a business may use its website, several social networks, blogs, document sharing sites, and more.

2. Continue to optimize Your Website. As we know, creating and maintaining a website is one of the most important branding tools for any business. Continually Website optimization for optimal performance on search engines is one of the first things companies can do to drive traffic to a website and improve the brand’s visibility.

3. Social Media. Social Media Marketing is one of the most effective and cost effective ways to promote both small and medium businesses; and, enhance the visibility of your brand. Social Media Marketing promotes visibility, brand loyalty, recognition, and can also grow your sales. In addition, social media marketing allows small businesses and established ones to compete with an advantage. It enables businesses to reach worldwide audiences.

4. Produce and Distribute Great Quality Contents. Creating and distributing quality contents is the best way to gain visibility online. It is one of the most effective marketing strategies to promote your business and create brand recognition online. Creating quality contents has become essential to any successful marketing strategy today.

5. Press Release Marketing. Press release distribution is a very effective and inexpensive way to enhance brand visibility and recognition. If it is picked up by Google News, your company will receive additional coverage for your brand.

6. Leverage Video Marketing. Businesses of all sizes and scale can benefit from video marketing i.e., YouTube, Vimeo, Metcafe, etc. Posting branded videos relevant to your niche is a very effective way to promote your business, drive traffic to your website, and get your brand noticed in front of a targeted audience.

7. Start a Blog. Having a blog can enhance brand visibility and improve your chances of success. In fact, blogging is one of the most effective ways to improve the visibility of your brand online. Blogging greatly improves your search engine rank, establishes validity in your brand and increases reach. In addition, blogging helps to cultivate relationships with customers and other influencers.

The last thing, when designing an online brand marketing strategy, don’t attempt to duplicate the existing brand in the market. Be authentic. If you can be open and honest with yourself about your brand’s value, you will be able to authenticate this value when creating your own online brand marketing strategy.