When is it time to redesign your website?

The digital industry is constantly evolving and changing, making it hard to keep up with trends. But there are some things that you really need to consider when evaluating your website design and functionality – remember our 9 things?

If you are having to question yourself as to whether you think your website needs redesigning, then you’ve already answered your own question.

Here are a number of things you may want to consider and may help you to make that decision.

Is your website on brand?

Sometimes it’s easy to get carried away with hi fluting templates or current trends – remember one page websites, but you’ve got to ask yourself, is your website on brand?

Creating a digital visual identity is just as important, if not more, then branding your print collateral. Your customers should immediately know when they land on your website that it’s yours; having a logo high up the page and key elements of your branding such as colours or imagery are important factors of letting customers know that they’ve found the right website.


Is your website mobile responsive?

If your website isn’t mobile responsive, then you already behind the 8 ball,  your ranking suffering as a result.. In this digital era, most people tend to view websites on their mobiles and tablets, and for this reason we promote a mobile first functionality and we are able to differ the design to meet mobile, tablet and desk top.


Is your website easy to navigate?

Sometimes swanky navigation can take over your website, but don’t forget, just because you think it looks good, doesn’t mean that it’s easy to navigate.

User experience and user journey are two key parts of the digital experience that often get overlooked by small businesses. Our methodology includes discussion on your customer audience and how they will travel through your website.


Does your website take forever to load?

Late last year Google introduced Page Speed Loading times as a ranking signal – does your website take a long time to load? Are all the images on your website web optimised? Are they saved out at the right size in the right format?


Are your messages clear? Do your users see quickly what your expertise is?

Great design is great, but is it actually clear what services you offer on your website? You should have clear, concise call to actions across your website, giving the user a indication in the direction that you want them to go.

If you’re selling something, you want links to the shop, if you want someone to get in touch with you, there should be a phone number or contact details high up on the page.


Strange one I know, do you have a website?

In this modern world, if your business doesn’t have a website, or a digital foot print, then you’re simply going to get left behind.

Having a digital presence is so important, in the era of the Internet, customers like to do their research before purchasing products or services. Having a broken or badly designed website can do more damage than good, but having no website at all isn’t really an option in today’s modern business environment.

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